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Post Construction Cleaning Services

Once a renovation project is complete and the debris has been cleared away, it’s time to get your business back up and running. We know that construction work can be unpredictable. Between dealing with contractors, enduring loud hammering noises you might feel as if you’re drowning in a never-ending process. The last thing that should be on your mind is the cleaning process that comes after. When it comes down to timelines we work along with contractors to make sure that your office or retail location is put back together on time. Our post-construction cleaning specialists will thoroughly clean your facility and make sure that’s it’s fresh and inviting. Here at CNS Cleaning, we have decades of experience in delivering high-quality service to our customers throughout the area. Our no-hassle free quote is always available to book during our business hours.

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What Is Post Construction Cleaning?

Whether you’re building has undergone minor or large-scaled renovations, hiring an experienced post-construction cleaning crew is essential. After months of having limited or no use of your commercial facility, we simplify the transition from unfinished project to a renovated business facility. While post construction clean up can include a wide range of different tasks we can formulate a customized plan based on your building’s specific needs.

What Can You Expect From After Construction Clean up?

Had new flooring installed in your office? Or perhaps you expanded the size of your facility? No doubt, both small and big renovation projects can make quite the mess. Our post job clean up typically consist of three main phases:

Rough CleanDuring this initial stage, all of the debris which includes dust, adhesives, and caulking is removed. We make sure to wipe down any windows, and vacuum the excess dust off the exterior and interior of the property.  Structural elements like glass partitions, sliding doors, and the windows are all thoroughly cleaned.

Final CleaningThis stage consists of in-depth cleaning of all the exterior and interior surfaces including the cabinetry, baseboards, bathrooms, and the floors. Our crew will ensure that all parts of the job site will be wiped down of all dirt. If there is any debris left on the floors after your project is complete, we make sure to vacuum all of it. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We ensure that all of this cleaning is completed in one day.

Touch -Up – The touch-up cleaning process can take place a week or so after the dust has settled. During this final stage, all surfaces that may have been missed initially are wiped down, glass surfaces and fixtures are cleaned and checked for smudges. Our number one goal is in serving our local clients and providing outstanding work that leads to the best reviews.

Below are clean up procedures that are typically performed after a job is completed.

Deep Dusting

After the completion of the project, a dusting of the surrounding rooms and areas is imperative. At CNS Cleaning our professional cleaning experts thoroughly dust every nook and cranny. We’ll identify hotspot areas and make sure that these spaces are immaculate.

Debris Removal

We remove unwanted debris from the site.


Dusting is tedious work and in some cases, a good washing is much more effective. Washing removes extra dust, dirt, and debris.

Trust the Reliable Professionals At CNS Cleaning

Here at CNS Cleaning our reliable local cleaning experts use advanced methods and techniques to thoroughly clean the former construction site. We offer top notch quality cleaning with a price point can’t be beat. We care about using professional-grade cleaning solutions and specialized equipment to provide exceptional clean up so that you can resume business in your newly renovated space. Proudly serving Pennsylvania and and it’s surrounding areas, we make sure you will be so impressed with our cleaning services that you will recommend us to all of your colleagues and friends. Our experts are licensed and bonded and always prepared to handle any construction jon, no matter how big or small. We work closely with you to determine your needs and a plan for meeting those needs. Call us today to schedule an easy and free quote.

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