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Tired of overflowing trash and unkempt work areas?

Most companies rely on their employees to maintain the cleanliness of the workplace every day. However, if you’re betting on your employees keeping up with basic maintenance of the property, you can’t always expect the best results. That’s where we come in. CNS Cleaning is the leading provider of porter services the city of Philadelphia and Northern New Jersey areas. Our team of cleaning specialists upholds the highest sanitary standards to ensure that your facility is a clean place for your employees and customers every single day.

What Exactly Are Porter Services?

If you’re unfamiliar with commercial cleaning services you may wonder exactly what are porter services and whether your business could benefit from investing in such services. Depending on how you look at it, porters are the heroes of the company because they preserve your business image by ensuring that your facility’s clean every day. Both employees and customers benefit from this invaluable service because they can rest assured they are visiting an establishment that’s spotless and in good condition. They can count on the facility being clean every day.

A porter functions as a daytime janitor. Besides working to keep the different areas of the facility clean, a porter provides the following services:

  • Trash removal

  • Restocking the restrooms every day

  • Thoroughly cleaning communal areas (kitchen, breakrooms, and patios)

  • Maintaining the floors clean and spotless

  • Washing any food items left in the kitchen

It’s important to note that the duties of a porter can vary depending on the specific needs of your organization. As a business owner, you can provide your porter with a list of duties to perform each day. While janitorial services are performed after hours, a porter works alongside you and your employees and customers. Here at CNS Cleaning our porter services for Philadelphia businesses go above and beyond to meet your business needs.

Why You Should Consider Investing In CNS Cleaning Porter Services?

Are the bathrooms completely ruined by noon? Or perhaps the employee breakroom easily gets neglected because no one wants to claim the coffee spill on the counter? Does this remind you of your office building at the end of every day? Rather than having a nightly cleaning crew attend to the mess at your facility, porters address sanitation needs throughout the day including all the services a night cleaning crew ensures after hours. Sanitation issues can bring down the morale of your company and affect the impression that you make. It is also wasted time your employees could be using to provide professional service to your clients.  Having a porter can ultimately increase employee productivity because your workers are less likely to worry about cleaning and more focused on working.

Still not convinced?

Here are a few additional benefits of investing in CNS porter services:

  • Regularly cleans high traffic areas such as the restroom, lobby, and ot Regularly cleans high traffic areas such as the restroom, lobby, and other areas throughout the workday

  • her areas throughout the workday

  • Provides assistance in setting up  for events and meetings as well as cleaning up afterward

  • Quickly cleans up spills throughout the day to prevent injury and identify safety hazards

  • Restocking supplies

  • Groundskeeping and building maintenance

From removing unsightly trash, dusting the furniture in the lobby to changing the light bulbs in the office our skilled porters provide any service you need every single day. Here at CNS Cleaning, we employ experienced porters who can serve as the backbone to keep your organization running smoothly. No doubt, running a business can be time-consuming. We can help relieve some of that burden. Contact us today to learn more about our top-rated porter services. At CNS Cleaning we service all of Philadelphia including its surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service to our clients. Contact us today to get your free estimate and a guarantee that your offices and industrial areas are always under control when our management porter service team take over the daily upkeep of your building or your property.

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