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In case you didn’t know a clean workplace starts with clean floors. That’s why here at CNS Cleaning we take pride in making sure your place of business is presentable by ensuring that yours are “spic and span”. Our cleaning experts specialize in cleaning all types of flooring materials including hardwood, carpet and tile. We work to transform your business space by making the floors sparkle and shine.

Why Invest In A Commercial Floor Cleaning Philadelphia Service?

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Did you know that the average American spends approximately 90,000 hours in the workplace? Yes, for most business owners they spend their waking hours at work. That’s why it’s important to keep your place of business healthy and clean. This benefits your employees and customers. 

In addition, according to the EPA neglected floors and carpets are a breeding ground for allergens and bacteria. Especially in common areas like the bathroom, break room, and conference room. These areas should be spotless and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. When thoroughly clean, the  workplace or office is a healthier place and a better improved environment for your employees. It’s important to provide a clean and dirty-free workspace to ensure your employees remain healthy and productive.

Clean floors also decrease the risk of slips and fall injuries which can ultimately cost your business thousands of dollars. When you invest in a professional service you preserve the overall integrity of your business. Regular maintenance of your business is the best investment you can make, especially if you’ve invested a great deal in a luxurious carpet or expensive flooring material.

What Can You Expect From Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Services?

CNS Cleaning offers a wide range of services and can handle any and every kind of commercial sanitation . Our cleaning services also include refinishing surfaces like laminate, natural stone, and hardwood, unsealed concrete, and grout. Most floors require regular maintenance, cleaning, and preventative care to reduce wear and maintain their beautiful appearance. 

We use specialized equipment and professional grade products to remove dust, dirt, and grime. Our refinishing, polishing and deep cleaning services can remove dirt that has been ingrained in your flooring material as well as hard to remove stains. Need more specialized services? We’ll work with you to devise a customized cleaning plan to keep your floors in good condition.

Oftentimes carpet is overlooked and can become quite dirty. What was once a light green carpet, is now a dingy grayish-green. With CNS cleaners you can be sure that we are ready to tackle every kind of sanitation need and will provide a solution to keeping your commercial space clean.

Why Choose CNS Cleaning For Your Commercial Flooring Needs?

When it comes to keeping your floors polished and in great condition, this job is best left to the pros. Here at CNS Cleaning, we have over 35 years of professional industry experience. Our experts have been providing quality cleaning services in the city of Philadelphia and we ensure our customers receive the best service guaranteed. We are committed to providing the best care of your commercial space and will not rest until our client satisfaction is complete. We’ve built a reputation for being reliable and producing quality results.


Our cleaning specialists are licensed and bonded in order to protect our customers. Our prices are competitive and affordable. No matter what type of flooring material that’s installed at your business location our team is well versed in the proper methods for cleaning and maintaining all types of flooring. Make a lasting first impression by ensuring that your facility is sparkling clean and safe at all times. 


Contact us today via email, or call us 1-800-227-9069 to receive your FREE quote today. We are available to speak to you any day of the week, at any time. Our customer satisfaction is very important to us. Because we are a local, family-owned business, you can count on us to provide the feeling of working with your neighborhood friends, while receive the quality work to handle all of your commercial maintenance needs. At CNS, we are the complete package, a stress-free one-stop shop. Call us to schedule your FREE consultation today!

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