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Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Services Near Me

Do you need help maintaining your commercial facility?

Whether you own a retail store, office building or a warehouse, CNS Cleaning can deliver exceptional maintenance service. We offer the best commercial cleaning in Northern Delaware, from Wilmington, New Castle, Newark all surrounding areas! At CNS Cleaning Company of Delaware, we’ve vested more than thirty years in providing the highest quality janitorial and specialized cleaning services to our faithful customers in this area.

Services Offered to Northern Delaware Commercial Businesses

What makes our team different from others is that we pay close attention to detail so that we can provide comprehensive services that go well beyond the call of duty. What are some of the top services that we are currently offering for small and large organizations in the area? Check out our top-rated commercial services below:

Commercial Floor Cleaning

If you are a local Northern Delaware business looking for quality floor cleaning services then you’ve definitely visited the right place. Here at CNS Cleaning Company of Northern Delaware, we don’t just clean your floors but we make sure they’re always in the best condition possible. Our commercial floor cleaning service includes:

  • Thoroughly clean hard surface floors, rugs, tiles, and laminate. 
  • Depending on the flooring material we can correlate a sealant to protect against impact damage and stains. 

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial

Both commercial cleaning and janitorial services can completely transform your Northern Delaware business. Commercial cleaning typically involves big cleaning projects that typically take place once or twice a year. On the other hand, janitorial services ensure that workspaces stay clean on a regular basis. Janitorial service providers take care of everyday cleaning duties such as trash removal, cleaning the common areas, replacing light bulbs and so much more. The great thing about investing in such a service that you can develop a schedule for a janitor to service your facility based on your business needs.

Commercial Porter Services

At this time, several Delaware businesses are choosing to invest in our porter services. A porter works alongside employees and customers to keep the facility clean. Perhaps the greatest thing about investing in CNS commercial porter services is that they perform the basic maintenance tasks to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Commercial Window Cleaning and Power Washing

Make a good first impression by making sure the exterior of your commercial property is well-kept. CNS window cleaning service ensures that your windows are properly maintained and free of dirt, grime, and dust.

Power washing is an additional service we offer to Northern Delaware business owners. Power washing uses pressurized water to thoroughly clean an area. If you’re considering investing in a power washing service its best to hire a professional. Here at CNS Cleaning we use specialized equipment and techniques to deliver quality work.

The experts at CNS don’t just clean but we transform one business at a time! Contact us today for a free estimate. Proudly serving all Northern Delaware, including Newark, DE, New Castle, DE, and Wilmington, DE.

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